Are Canadian vehicle warranties honored in the US?

My short answer: It depends.

As dealer principal for three different vehicle manufacturers, my brother knows a lot about warranties. So I asked him about Canadian warranties because I’ve heard a lot of buzz about them lately.

The bad buzz, however, is that some people have been blindsided by lack of coverage. One woman I spoke with actually didn’t even know her vehicle came from Canada at all. She bought a used vehicle in Kentucky and was told it had a factory warranty. Which was true. What the sales person neglected to tell her was that the warranty was valid only in Canada. That’s a problem for all of us here in the Bluegrass State and beyond.

This doesn’t mean Canadian vehicles are bad, or that you shouldn’t take advantage of a good deal on one. Just know what you’re dealing with. That’s all. Here’s my brother, Edward Hyde, to tell you more.

Happy travels!

Edward Hyde, Legacy Automotive Network owner

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