Knowing what’s real isn’t always easy.

I’m Missy Hyde Reid, the communications director for Legacy Automotive Network, which is owned by Edward Hyde, my brother. That’s us in the fun convertible (not for sale). We’re here to offer straight talk about cars so you can be a streetwise car owner. Sometimes tricky marketing messages or practices leave you feeling confused and vulnerable for getting ripped off. You don’t know what to believe, and that’s understandable. So this blog is dedicated to transparency because frankly, you deserve better.

I’m the writer, and Edward is my main information source. That’s because he knows his stuff. He’s worked in the car business since he was a kid, and he’s been in business for himself since 1997, when he opened a used car operation. He knows all the facets of the industry from the perspective of someone with several decades of experience. Since he’s my brother, I personally know he’s trustworthy.

I’ll also get the scoop from our other experts at Legacy (we have a large pool to choose from). If you have a question for me to ask, please drop it in our Suggestion Box.

Shop with us any time, in person or online. We appreciate your business.

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